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Innovation & Technology

Supporting organisations and companies in implementing technology that boosts their performance in their areas of expertise.

Improving IS department efficiency, from the emergence of ideas to the rollout of solutions at scale.


  • Innovation at scale
  • IT Performance and Efficiency
  • Data Services Catalogues
  • Cybersecurity
  • Agile Squad
Innovation at scale

Managing change and guiding innovations towards rollout at scale through organisation and technology.

Many IS departments need to expand their fields of competence and make themselves a stakeholder from the very earliest stages of exploration of potential innovations, working in close collaboration with the business functions.

They need to come up with ideas for new technologies and provide methodologies that promote the rapid emergence of use cases. This new positioning and the growth of the project portfolio means systems planners, architects and cybersecurity teams needs to overcome their differences and work together to make a success of the industrialisation phases.

Novencia Group has all the experts (organisation coaches, program managers, product owners, systems planners, architects,  cybersecurity consultants) to support you in this transition by putting in place the organisational structure, bodies, tools and methods you need to drive these complex projects.

  • Organisational audit
  • IS master plan
  • Cybersecurity audit/evaluation
  • Design thinking workshops/identification of use cases
  • Opportunity study/scoping
  • Business cases
  • PoC/Prototyping
  • Industrialisation plan
  • Studies
  • Advice and guidance
  • Project implementation
  • Technical support
IT Performance and Efficiency

Welcome new technologies while remaining in control of your information system.

Faced with a growing number of technology projects (migrations to the cloud, big data, AI, cybersecurity, etc.), IS departments are increasingly having to call upon the services of experts and upskill all their teams.

Over recent years, Novencia Group has established itself as a trusted partner in these matters. Thanks to its R&D and technology monitoring teams, as well as its own academy, Novencia has built the means to ensure the success of projects that pose significant technical challenges.

This vision of technological excellence enables Novencia to offer expertise on highly specific subjects, as well as longer-term support.

  • Cloud strategy
  • Architecture study/audit
    • Distributed
    • Event-driven
    • CQRS
    • Orchestration
  • Methodological support
    • DevOps
    • BDD, DDD, TDD
  • Technological support
    • Hadoop, Elastic, Kafka, Spark
    • Cassandra, mongoDB, QuasarDB
    • Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS
    • Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Cybersecurity audit/evaluation
  • Cyberdefence plan
  • Solution design
  • Solution development
  • Studies
  • Advice and guidance
  • Project implementation
  • Technical support
Data Services Catalogues

Create your data services offer to accelerate business projects.

Today, business projects need to be supported by data. The IS department is becoming a real partner in data-driven value creation. Above and beyond the provision of tools such as data lakes, it is necessary to establish a service offer on the collection, quality and provision of data to support the company’s data governance processes.

To overcome this challenge, the IS department must acquire new skills and organise them to become a real contributor to value creation.

With more than 10 years’ experience on these projects across different business sectors, Novencia’s consultants offer the keys to successfully exploiting these sources of value.

  • Organisational audit
  • Help with technology choices
  • IS master plan
  • Design thinking workshops/identification of use cases
  • Opportunity study/scoping
  • Business cases
  • PoC/Prototyping
  • Solution design
  • Industrialisation project
  • Data analytics, data science, data engineering
  • Solution development/implementation
  • Studies
  • Advice and guidance
  • Project implementation
  • Technical support

Supporting our clients with a “security by design” approach to their innovation, development and transition projects has become a key priority for us.

The level of cybersecurity has become an important indicator in the success and longevity of projects. New practices have emerged, with the information system opened up to offer services to partners and employees.

Cyber risks have to be managed continuously as part of companies’ ongoing business activities, given the increasingly significant impacts they are having today. To this end, Novencia group has decided to build itself around cybersecurity experts (consultants, auditors, engineers) to offer its clients the best services and advice.

  • Assess and control your exposure to cyber-risks
  • Make a successful and secure transition to the public cloud
  • Ensure information system compliance
  • Improve resilience to cyberattacks
  • React in crisis management situations
  • Support your teams in a ‘security by design’ approach
  • Identify, develop and provide skills through our e-training platform.


Agile Squad

Hire a multidisciplinary team to build your product from start to finish

Making a success of digital projects requires excellence in a wide range of disciplines: Product, UX/UI, User Research, Development, Architecture, Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity and more.

Putting together a team with all those skills poses difficulties in terms of cost, efficiency and time:

  • The procedures for selecting partners across all these specialist areas take time;
  • Assessing a service provider’s expertise is a complex process, and choosing several partners rather than just one heightens the risk involved;
  • Supervising, organising and ironing out the details of subcontracted services while ensuring compliance with the regulations in force is a time-consuming task.

Finding a single partner that offers a comprehensive solution is an appealing alternative that meets the operational needs of outsourcing teams and purchasing functions. Once our mission is complete, your teams will also be able to reap the benefits of the best practices we have implemented to build your product.

Novencia capitalises on its experience and can offer you end-to-end support on a wide variety of projects:

  • Functional domain: CRM, e-commerce, market place, banking, insurance, etc.
  • User and Product Research: Design Thinking, Prototyping, Lab and User Tests, Personae, Story mapping, Product Ownership, AB testing, etc.
  • Front- and Back-End Development: C#, C++, Go, Rust, php, java, .net, React, REST, etc.
  • Architecture: Azure, Google, AWS, ELK, Cassandra, kafka, Hadoop, etc.
  • Data and Data Science: TensorFlow, python, NoSQL, spark, OpenCV, PowerBI, etc.
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, circleci, Azure Devops, Docker, etc.
  • Cybersecurity: IT and IOT pentest, code and vulnerability audit, secure architectures, etc.

Meet us

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Directeur BL innovation
Philippe Spoljaric
Directeur du Delivery
Nicolas Roux
Directeur Innovation et Technology - Clermont-Ferrand
Nebil Briki
Directeur novencia Tunis
Sebastien Normand
Directeur BL technology

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