Digitalisation of activity sales

Digitalisation of activity sales

Putting holidaymakers at the centre of the customer experience! As part of its “Ambition 2022” strategic plan, the European leader in local tourism aims to respond directly to changing customer expectations through digitalisation and innovation. Our teams helped it to enrich this experience by digitalising activity sales.


Because the holiday experience begins with the initial contact, tourism professionals must remain up to date with new usage practices and technologies that are transforming the customer experience. In a highly competitive sector, meeting quality and customer service requirements is a must.



As part of its “Ambition 2020” programme, the group wanted to end the recurring problem of disorganisation when it came to booking additional activities in the reception areas at each centre. Our mission was to use data science to make the “holidaymaker experience”, and thus the customer path, simpler and more fluid, by making it easier to book additional activities during the initial purchasing path for the holiday.



  • Scoping of project to improve the customer path and search for ways of encouraging booking of activities during the initial purchase of the holiday
  • Establishment of the project approach including data science activities for the fine-tuning of algorithms to target customer expectations
  • Acculturation of teams to data science (UX, website, product manager, IT, Marketing)
  • Analysis of existing situation, evaluation of data quality and completeness
  • Establishment of an experience plan with the establishment and testing of algorithms (segmentation of profiles by customer type)



  • Plan to improve data quality
  • Experience plan
  • Fine-tuning of algorithms and adaptation of customer paths (encouragement to buy additional activities, optimised organisation on site, optimisation of multichannel path)
  • Upskilling of project teams on procedures including data science
  • Client benefits: improved rate of activity booking during the initial purchase of holidays

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Nicolas Roux
Directeur Innovation et Technology - Clermont-Ferrand

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