Data & Customer marketing

Supporting organisations and companies in the operational rollout and implementation of their marketing, digital and data transformation strategy.

Improving the user experience, customer knowledge, and coordination of omnichannel marketing.

  • Data-Driven strategy
  • Omnichannel customer marketing
  • analytics services
Data-Driven strategy

From the definition of data uses, to support with the deployment of data platforms and their use by business functions.

Customer data is a source of enormous potential for companies, but how can it be fully exploited and linked to business aims?
How do we identify and manage relevant data sources (online, offline, IOT, AI, etc.) and optimise their use? Which technology should be chosen? What organisational structure and methodology should be used for sustainable onboarding of the Business, Data Science and IS teams?

As a data expert, Novencia helps you anticipate the latest technological innovations and supports you at every stage, from defining your uses to operating your data platform.

Data Consulting

  • Data Acceleration Strategy ◾ Discover our offer
  • Data Use Cases
  • Data IS architecture diagram
  • Business Plan & Project Roadmap
  • Selection of Data platforms
  • Proof of Concept & MVP
  • Data organisation & governance
  • Data culture


Data Project Management

  • Coordination of projects and programmes
  • Design (agile, classic)
  • Support with roll-out
  • Change management
  • Industrialisation & optimisation
Omnichannel customer marketing

From scoping to support with the rollout of Adtech/Martech systems.

Omnichannel, mobile, real-time, platformisation, Adtech, Martech … There are a wide range of opportunities when it comes to rolling out your customer marketing strategy.
Novencia Group uses best practices at every stage of your project to make sure it is a success. From Design Thinking methods to ensure all needs emerge, to agile methods to design and implement your Martech/Adtech solutions.


Customer marketing consulting

  • Establishment of business cases
  • Functional rollout
  • Business Plan & Project Roadmap
  • Selection of Adtech/Martech systems
  • Proof of Concept & MVP

Customer marketing project

  • Coordination of projects and programmes
  • Design (agile, classic)
  • Support with roll-out
  • Change management
  • Industrialisation & optimisation
Analytics services

From Data Analysis to Data Science.

Big Data, Open Data, IOT, AI, the possibilities for combining and exploiting data are becoming infinite.
Novencia Group has the best Data Science and Data Analysis experts, capable of supporting you in identifying use cases, experimenting with them and rolling out the most fruitful on an industrial scale.
By deciphering the data and cross-referencing the most relevant, especially though Machine Learning methods, our Data Scientists and Data Analysts know how to get the most out of your customer data.


Data analysis

  • Statistical measurements & analyses, performance analyses
  • Segmentation, customer profiles
  • Data Visualisation & reporting
  • Data Marketing  ◾ Discover our offer


Data science

  • Potential analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • NLP


Data leverage factory

  • Agile methods
  • Data & AI technology


Data quality through Datascience


Data science and customer study


Data training

  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Knime
  • Qlik Sense

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