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Financial services

Supporting Finance, Banking and Insurance operators in their transformation, operational efficiency and risk management projects.

Improving the efficiency of IS departments and business departments and helping them in their transformation, from the initial idea to implementation of the solutions.

  • Finance & Risk
  • Transformation & Organisation
  • Compliance & Regulatory
Finance & Risk

Novencia supports the coordination of financial risk management projects, as well as the transformation of Risk and Finance functions in response to changing prudential standards and the growing number of data management challenges.

Financial Services

  • Analysis and optimisation of financial and operational processes
  • Coordination of financial performance and optimisation of financing
  • Upgrading of accounting information systems
  • Organisation of the finance function


Risk management

  • Organisation and introduction of risk management systems
  • Improving the performance of decision-making tools
  • Risk Modelling and Quantitative Analysis
  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
Transformation & Organisation

Novencia supports the audit, co-design, agile programme management and operational efficiency aspects of the transformation of its clients’ banking and insurance activities.

This could mean service or process digitalisation, open banking, innovative payment methods, or changes to cash management or trade finance systems.

  • Digital transformation
  • Customer experience and Innovation
  • Management of agile projects
  • Processes and Organisation
  • Operational excellence
  • People & change
  • Choice of solutions
  • Audit and application efficiency
  • Functional architecture
  • Strategic planning of information systems
Compliance & Regulatory

Novencia helps its clients handle the increasing regulatory burden on the processes and management systems involved in their activities.

Monitoring, process analyses, impact studies, programme management, compliance…  Novencia’s teams can help their clients with all these big issues.

  • Coordination of regulatory and prudential transformations
  • Establishment of a risk management system
  • Digitalisation and organisation of compliance services
  • Support with compliance projects and internal control reviews. (BCBS239, IFRS9, FRTB, IRRBB)
  • Improving the performance of decision-making tools
  • Coordination of risks, design and validation of models, improvement of calculations, statistical studies, reporting
  • Data protection/GDPR
  • Anti-corruption/Sapin 2

Meet us

Arnaud Zilliox
CEO & Founder
Jean-François Fonfria
Chief Operating Officer

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